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Welcome to "Cottage by the Lake"


Cottage by the Lake is a dual enterprise on the picturesque shores of Lake Ontario. Both businesses are energetically run by Niagara entrepreneur and bon vivant, Philip Nadherny.


Grapevine Products



Since 1982, Cottage by the Lake has hand-crafted spectacular grapevine products to meet the needs of discriminating clients. Philip's handcrafted products are diverse and have been featured in various venues such as Martha Stewart Living Magazine, the Toronto International Airport, serveral wineries across Canada, major hotels in New York, and Whole Food Market west of the Mississippi … just to mention a few.


About our grapevine products …

Cottage Rentals



In the setting of Niagara's world famous tender fruitlands and wine industry, Cottage by the Lake offers a relaxing stay in one of two luxurious century-old cottages. These fully equipped retreats are open year around and provide a home away from home for visitors exploring the bounty of Niagara region. Cottages are situated directly on Lake Ontario, (Any closer and your feet would get wet!), perfect for taking in a glorious sunrise or sunset with a panoramic view of Toronto across the lake.


About our cottage rentals …

Philip C. Nadherny

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